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An Application for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Based on the Series "Once upon a time… Life"

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This universal app developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch gives lovers of cutting-edge technology the chance to discover the mysteries of the human body.

In addition to videos, animation (extracts from the TV series) and wallpaper, it also includes an amazing 3D model of the human body and information files.

You can rotate the body, enlarge it and examine it from every angle including the skin, skeleton and muscles. The body is divided into eight different modules or systems.

You can explore every detail of all the modules. You can discover the secrets of how each organ works.

It’s easy to understand!  It’s educational!  It’s interactive!

4 to 12 year olds can learn for the first time and 13 to 113 year olds can rediscover this fascinating subject!

There’s also a small games section where children can create their own wallpapers with backdrops from the series to fill them with their favourite characters from the series "Once upon a time…Life".

Now available in France, Italy, USA, Germany, Great Britain and Russia. Coming soon to Germany and Russia (including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova). 


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