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"Once upon a time… Man" on Blu-Ray!

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The very first series by Albert Barillé is currently being restored. French studios MIKROS have been entrusted with the transformation of a traditional animation programme into HD files. 

The series will now be available in HD on DVD and Blu-ray and will be released for Christmas 2013.

The series will be in its original 1:66 format.

The collectors’ edition in Blu-ray and DVD will include a newly published 50 page book with drawings, anecdotes and storyboards from the series. The box set will also contain a little surprise.


Par greek, 2013 08 02 - 09h58


will it be dubbed in other languages also?

I am interested in greek

It would be marvelous if you could use the original dubbing of the 80's made by the (now struggling to survive) ERT - Greek (Public) Radio&Television


Par Nadine, 2013 08 12 - 08h51

Please let me know when it is done and where I can buy it!

Par Mike, 2014 02 22 - 12h34

Will it be available in Spanish?
Either from Mexico or Spain, I've been waiting for this series literally for decades.

Par Alexboom, 2015 05 05 - 01h33

Hi....Will it also be available for the Greek language too??

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