The Complete works of Michel Legrand

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Everyone knows the famous version of Bach's Toccata used as theme music for "Once Upon A Time... Man".
From the second series onwards, Albert Barillé called on Michel Legrand, who would become his trusted friend, to compose the music for all the new productions of "Once Upon A Time".

A magnificent box-set made up of 15 CDs has just come out on Universal Jazz, comprised of his original songs, his compositions for American films, tributes to Alain Delon and George Gershwin, his music for Oum The Dolphin, The Smurfs and The Magic Flute, and ten themes for " Once Upon A Time ...Space".
Here are his words on Albert Barillé : " It's difficult to describe my relationship with animated film without mentioning my friend Albert Barillé. Our friendship lasted for twenty seven years and six televised cartoon series, the first of which was " Once upon a time there was space" in 1982, which was a prelude to "Life", "The Explorers", "The Discoverers" etc. Albert had a two-fold agenda for his projects, to entertain but also to inform, to inspire curiosity. For him, I never composed against the image. He suggested themes to me, on which I would let my ideas flow without any constraint : the conquest of space, learning to be free, trusting in progress.. . When I saw each episode edited and mixed, it was impeccable; the adaptation of my music to the image had been executed with near perfect precision, effectiveness and good taste. That's why I can hear myself in high-fidelity with Barillé. So there needs to be a two-level division in understanding : that which is accessible to children and, at the same time, that which is inspired by a certain amount of ambition. That has always been my credo : good film music should always serve itself as well as the film. That shouldn't be any less true in animated cartoons".

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