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(52x13) ©2001


Have you ever been to a zoo? Seen the animals strut about, make faces, romp, and roar? But do you have any idea what really happens when the visitors aren't there or are looking the other way? Well, follow the guide.

It's a perfectly normal zoo, with a keeper, paths with cages filled with animals of every sort of fur, Feather, or scale. Every day happy visitors laugh at the monkey's tricks, crick their necks as they admire the giraffe's neck, marvel at the elephant or gape in fear at the lion's sharp teeth and the tiger's claws. So everything seems normal in this ordinary zoo.


All these carnivores, herbivores, mammals and ovipara are just playing at being zoo animals. As soon as humans stop watching they lead a completely different life, one that nobody could possibly imagine. Who would ever think that a huge network of underground tunnels, with secret entrances, linking all the cages, runs under the paths and lawns of the zoo? Who could suspect that certain cages conceal a night-club, a school, a beauty salon or even a science laboratory? And who could imagine that these animals lead a civilised, sophisticated life? But even if they've lost a little of the wild instinct of their fellows of the jungle and the plain, there's still plenty of conflict, mainly between two rival groups: The first is Leon's, the lion. This gang clashes with the clique presided over by Sir Felix Tigris, the tiger.



The episodes

1. Penguin under pressure
2. Like father, like son
3. Who am I?
4. Croca gets tough
5. The zoo book
6. Tiger Minor
7. Alca's secret
8. Paparazzi
9. Diet this
10. Commando Komo
11. I love Gnu
12. Armagibbon
13. For the love of Lea
14. When the heat's on
15. Woki E.T.
16. All work and no play
17. Rejuvenation
18. Attaché-case
19. Alca's nightmare
20. A head for figures
21. Zootomatik
22. Man eater
23. Once a star, always a star
24. Artie alley cat
25. Money, money
26. Man's best friend
27. Rumour is rife
28. That's no elephant, that's my wife
30. Rats-ketters
31. The curse of the weird wolf
32. The haunted cage
33. One animal too many
34. Chaet never prospers
35. Chaotic park
36. Unreluctant zero
37. The invisible ape
38. Dropped from the sky
39. Lord Joe
40. Head in the clouds
41. The fleas war
42. Saint-Valentines day
43. No tea for Tigris
44. The skunk who stunk
45. Babe new world
46. The great zoo race
47. Best of enemies
48. Mad toad's day
49. knocked senseless
50. Miss Connoch's horoscope
51. Keeper's Christmas
52. The sleigh