The LUNII X HELLO MAESTRO! collaboration is constantly growing !

With My Fabulous Storyteller, Lunii awakens the imagination and develops the creativity of children from 3 to 8 years old, without airwaves and without screens ! The French startup offers immersive audio books, leaving children in control of their story.

Lunii and Hello Maestro! have partnered to create amazing content for kids, a constantly growing collaboration. Indeed, whether in France, Italy or Spain, Lunii and Hello Maestro! continue their development of audio books highlighting Maestro's knowledge through different adventures, each one as exciting as the next one ! A Hello Maestro! limited edition of My Fabulous Storyteller has even been released in France !

In France :

Since 2019, Lunii and Hello Maestro! have been collaborating to bring fun and novel educational content to children ... a mission more than fulfilled :    

  • Hello Maestro! interactive books and quizzes to listen to on My Fabulous Storyteller have sold more than 192,000 cumulative copies ! 
  • The audio books with stories about the human body are the 3rd best-selling books in Lunii's catalogue !

Based on this success, Lunii just released a special Hello Maestro! branded edition of My Fabulous Storyteller ! In addition, 12 new embedded stories are available, in which Suzanne and Gaston go to discover the Middle Ages along with the famous and beloved scientist... Suzanne and Gaston had already started their exciting adventure with Maestro through the history of Humanity by traveling back to Prehistory or Antiquity. They also discovered the mysteries of the human body, with 2 other audio albums to be found in My Fabulous Storyteller.


In Italy :

After two first audio books on the human body and the 5 senses, let's go to Prehistory ! Guided by the famous Maestro, on this trip Lisa and Leo discover the mysteries of life and the evolution of the first human beings by immersing themselves in the daily life of this distant era in the audio book "Lisa e Leo alla scoperta della Preistoria" !


In Spain :

Lunii recently extended its activities in Spain, under the brand Stelii. The audiobook "Celia y Gaston descubren los cinco sentidos" is available on to travel in the infinitely small !


The best is yet to come !