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You can now find all the generics and soundtracks of each of the "Once upon a time..." series on all streaming platforms: Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Unlimited, Apple Music, Napster, Qobuz, Tidal, YouTube Music as well as on sale for download on iTunes.

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Michel Legrand, the 3 times Oscars winner composer, well known and quite popular among several generations of television viewers, composed the music for 6 of the 7 series of the cult saga "Once upon a time...".

You probably know the generic of "Once upon a time... Life" which has stayed mythic. This "Hymn to Life" was composed by Michel Legrand, and written by the creator of the saga "Once upon a time...", Albert Barillé. The song was performed by Sandra Kim, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest for Belgium in 1986.

For "Once upon a time... Man", Yasuo Sugiyama composed all the music for the series. Albert Barillé adapts the Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Jean-Sébastien Bach to create an impressive generic that will remain a memorable experience for children.

While the song from the credits of "Once upon a time... Space" is interpreted by Jean-Pierre Savelli that the public will discover later in the famous duo Peter and Sloane.