Procidis has created the umbrella brand “Hello Maestro” covering the 7 seasons of the “Once upon a time …“ saga, the cult series created by Albert  Barillé, which has been gathering children around the field of knowledge since its first broadcast in 1978. Hello Maestro can be considered as the flagship for animated edutaining programs.

An independent distribution and production company, Procidis focuses on the quality of its programs and their responsibility to the audience.  This small french company sells  the animated series « Once upon  a time… » in more than 100 countries earning it international renown with Maestro as its icon.

Learning through entertainement is the key to the success of the company.

« Once upon a time… » captivates children with funny stories where they find familier characterss in a solid scientific and historical/actual context avoiding all violence, vulgarity, and cruelty. The same characters appear throughout all the series.  Each one has a certain trait and personnality making them easily indentifiable. Most of the time they are everyday people, but from one épisode to another they may become a historical figure often in humoristic ways.

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The saga "ONCE UPON A TIME ..." are seven sets of 26 episodes of 26 minutes, about 80 hours of programming

It all began in April 1979, FR3 broadcasts the first episode of "Once Upon a Time ... Man." A funny man with the flowing beard tells the story of humanity, the origins of life until the end of the 20th century. A family through time, facing the great events of history. The success was immediate, children and unanimous relatives plébiscitent program. Building on this success, Albert Barillé then conceives six other series, whose fame far beyond the French framework. It is estimated, taking into account the many reruns, more than 4 billion children have seen at least one episode of a series, which is broadcast and rebroadcast in more than 120 countries (Europe, Middle East, Asia, USA , Canada, Latin America... ).

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With its brand Hello Maestro, Procidis, French producer of edutainment cartoons, now offers 4 digital products to pursue the « Once upon a time » adventure with Hello Maestro on multi screens, in order to extend the experience of the series in a playful and digital universe to learn and have fun at the same time.

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