An independent distribution and production company, Procidis focuses on the quality of its programs and their responsibility to the audience.  This small french company sells  the animated series « Once upon  a time… » in more than 100 countries earning it international renown with Maestro as its icon.

Learning through entertainement is the key to the success of the company.

« Once upon a time… » captivates children with funny stories where they find familier characterss in a solid scientific and historical/actual context avoiding all violence, vulgarity, and cruelty. The same characters appear throughout all the series.  Each one has a certain trait and personnality making them easily indentifiable. Most of the time they are everyday people, but from one épisode to another they may become a historical figure often in humoristic ways.

The quality and veracity of « once upon a time… » remain indisputable. To this successful equation we add the the talent of designer Jean Barbaud,
and ingenious music by Michel Legrand., Claude Lambert’s hand painted
backgrounds, and in France, Roger Carel as the voice of Maestro.

Albert Barillé, father of endutaining cartoon
In the 60’s, after starting out as a producer of long films, Albert Barillé leads his company, Procidis, to pioneer the future…télévision. He began by distributing children’s films, but he was satisfied by few : « I was scandalized by what we were offering to children in the form a distraction ».

In fact he considers that children’s time should be used wisely.  Adults and distributors not only have to distract children but also open their minds to knowledge and discovery.  This deontology was the driving force of his career.

Seduced by Colargol the bear, he develops its adorable poetic character and créâtes a series known throughtout all of Europe.  This was followed by the writing, directing, and producing of the «Once Upon a Time » series, iconicized by the wiseman Maestro and his long white beard.

There marks the beginning of a wonderful relationship between Albert Barillé and télévision watchers, old and young, who continue to show their gratitude for his programming. It’s a riracle ! We can learn AND have fun !

Thanks to its international success (40 years of non-stop broadcasting in numerous countries), Procidis is currently enriching and developing the brand with digital media and can now positions “Hello Maestro” in the midst of general edutaining offer.

“Hello Maestro” has reinforced its visual identity, its dynamics on social networks, and its development on merchandising on- and offline. Procidis is rolling out a 360° policy to enable Maestro to talk directly to young generations which parents are currently supporting the series so cherished during their own childhood.

Once Upon A Time... Man

Once Upon A Time... Space

Once Upon A Time... Life

Once Upon A Time... The Americas

Once Upon A Time... The Discoverers

Once Upon A Time... The Explorers

Once Upon A Time... Planet Earth